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G. Frescobaldi Conservatory of Ferrara: double bass and yoga courses for musicians

Three-year course (first level degree)


The three-year course is aimed at those who already have a good basic preparation.


To access these courses it is necessary to present the application (CLICK HERE for the application) and take an entrance exam. It consists of the execution of: a three-octave scale; some pieces and exercises with and without piano accompaniment, for a total of 15 minutes; the test will be supplemented by a brief motivational interview. An indicative list of these passages can be downloaded from the Ferrara Conservatory website. CLICK HERE for the program.


The three-year program of the degree course – we are talking about the part relating to the instrument – can be diversified according to the interests of the student. However, this is a wide-ranging exploration of the technical and expressive possibilities of the double bass, ranging between solo / orchestral repertoire and chamber music. All the fundamentals of the technique are addressed: patterns of fingering and arcing, vibrato, the search for beautiful sound, soloism and accompaniment, proprioception and body awareness, etc.

Biennium (II level degree)


The two-year specialization is reserved for:

1. Students with a Conservatory diploma and a secondary high school diploma or equivalent qualifications.

2. Students with a first level academic degree from music conservatories or IMPs (Equipped Music Institutes).

3. Students with a degree or an equivalent degree.

NB: Any debts / credits are attributed in relation to the previous completed educational path.


To access the course you must submit an application CLICK HERE. Admission to the courses is subject to passing a specific exam, which consists of the performance of two stages of a double bass concert chosen by the candidate.


The program of this course is based on techniques authors and repertoires that the student intends to deepen. For example:

  • Solo and orchestral repertoire to prepare competitions in orchestra;
  • Ethnic and popular music;
  • The didactics of the instrument.
Preparatory course (beginners)


The propaedeutic course is aimed at beginners, whether they are simple enthusiasts of the instrument or potentially interested in continuing later in the academic path (degree level three years). These are essentially preparatory courses for entry to degree courses.


To access the courses it is necessary to present the application in the secretariat and take an entrance exam. The program consists in the execution of scales at one or two octaves; two studies taken from the 1st vol. by Billè, opp from the first part of the Bottesini, Simandl or other equivalent method: a piece with piano accompaniment. 

CLICK HERE for the program

CLICK HERE for the application.


The course has a three-year duration. The programs are absolutely free and unconstrained and can be agreed with the teacher according to their interests, needs and motivations. The course focuses on the main technical aspects, the development of musicality and psychomotor coordination. Musical materials are used with piano accompaniment, duets, canons, etc. in addition to exercises based on advanced training principles (psychomotor skills, coordination, integration between gesture and expressiveness, etc.).

Free course InContrabbasso (amateur)


To all. They are cycles of “themed” lessons concerning the single instrument, without the obligation to attend complementary subjects. The free InContrabbasso course is aimed at double-bass players of any level, from the simple enthusiast interested in learning about the instrument to the professional wishing to investigate some aspect of the technique or related to the application of yoga practices to implement personal study or face problems of tension or rigidity.


It is necessary to present an application to the secretariat: the actual registration is subject to the verification of places available. It is suggested to contact the teacher by e-mail in advance.

Yoga for musicians


Yoga for musicians is a yoga course dedicated to three-year and two-year students enrolled at the Conservatory of Ferrara, lasting 18 hours (6 modules of 3 hours each). It focuses on a body of exercises and principles aimed at tackling the professional problems of musicians. Through specific explanations and activities, we acquire a new awareness of postures and movements used in instrumental practice and their consequences on our health. The postural and motor reprogramming is therefore the objective of the course, which helps to understand the underlying causes of the problems (tendinitis, lumbago, cervicalgia, etc.) and to tackle them with the operative tools of yoga.


The course is reserved for all students enrolled in three-year and two-year courses at the G. Frescobaldi Conservatory – Ferrara, until all available places have been filled.


Asanas (yoga postures). Pranayama (breathing techniques). Psychic techniques (concentration, visualization, etc.). Relaxation techniques and tension management.

What is the New Methodology

All courses are based on teaching that focuses on human potential, based on advanced training principles that integrate music as a tool and personal growth techniques. This New Methodology combines heterogeneous elements coming from the studies of great geniuses and luminaries of musical education such as Dalcroze, Willems and Delfrati, from Neuro Linguistic Programming and from the ancient wisdom of Yoga. The aim of the course is to acquire learning tools rather than disconnected notions, technical skills that enable the human being to express music freely and independently, with will, control and awareness. The New Methodology focuses on the development of human potential and includes organization strategies and study planning, integration of technique and expressiveness, evolving ear & rhythm training, development of creative resources, integrated psychomotor coordination, etc. in addition to the application of concepts and principles inspired by Yoga (body awareness, proprioception, breathing, relaxation, postural education, prevention and treatment of tensions). The proposed activities are aimed at double bass players but can also be extended to all other bow instrument players. For further details see the didactic treatises published in this regard HERE.

Some practical applications of New Methodology:

  • attention and concentration exercises;
  • posture, breath and functionality of the musical gesture;
  • rigidity and relaxation in the instrumental activity;
  • use of psychic powers in musical learning;
  • stairs and creative technique;
  • ear & rhythm training with the instrument;
  • instrumental biomechanics exercises;
  • mind / body / instrument integration exercises;
  • exercises with audio & video tutorials;
  • Co techniques of tracing the artistic qualities of the models of excellence;
  • ideomotor exercises;
  • integrated psychomotor coordination exercises;
  • Ko arko-percussion exercises;
  • exercises with interactive bases;
  • Calibrazione calibration exercises and sensory / auditory acuity;
  • search for a positive relationship with the tool;
  • proprioperceptive exercises;
  • psycho-muscular awareness exercises.