Alfredo Trebbi

Musician, teacher, double-bass player and teacher of yoga for musicians, LINK HERE, winner of auditions and competitions for Orchestra, author of articles, books, methods and educational treatises on musical training, instrumental and strategies of learning.

Creative and innovative teacher and trainer, open and inclined to the latest trends and disciplines for the development of human potential.Practitioner and certified yoga teacher, he also obtained a master of yoga teacher for musicians with Pietro Antinori. This fundamental experience of personal transformation led to the elaboration of the New Methodology, LINK HERE, an unprecedented corpus of avant-garde musical learning exercises and techniques, a powerful synergy between yoga practices, disciplines of growth of human potential, new orientations of musical pedagogy, motor coordination techniques and creative instrumental teaching.

Expert in the most advanced mental training techniques for musicians, stress management and mental dynamics as factors that affect the quality of artistic performance.

“Non c’è genio senza tecnica”

Pablo Picasso

It has developed original study protocols and uses new-concept educational tools (interactive software and apps) that are applied in practice in instrument lessons, to involve the student in their personal and professional development process and help them achieve their goals and objectives. excellence.

He currently holds the chair of double bass and yoga for musicians at the “G. Frescobaldi”of Ferrara.